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400 birds die flying into Texas skyscraper

400 birds die flying into Texas skyscraper
The birds lying dead near the skyscraper.

Nearly 400 migratory birds of brilliant plumage were killed when they smashed into an office tower in Texas while flying in a storm, officials said on Friday.

Office workers arrived at the tallest skyscraper in downtown Galveston on Thursday morning and found the birds with feathers of blue, green, yellow and other hues dead on the ground, said Josh Henderson, animal services supervisor for Galveston police.

The birds were coming from Central and South America and arrived in Galveston. The birds migrate to several areas across North America during the warmer months of the year.

“These are showy, beautiful birds that bird watchers really get excited to see,” said Richard Gib-bons, conservation director at the Houston Audubon.

More than 20 species were represented among the 395 birds that died, Henderson said. The biggest group was Nashville Warblers, followed by Blackburnian Warblers.

Henderson said he did not know if all the birds were flying together or if they struck the office tower at different times.

A storm was battering the city, which probably forced the birds to fly low, Gibbons said. In the dark, they may have mistaken the skyscraper’s lights for the sun or moon, he said.

Several species dead

  •  20 species were represented among the birds that died
  •  It was not known if the birds hit the building all at once or at
  • different times.
  •  It is believed the skyscraper’s lights were mistaken for the sun or moon