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7 lakes on Bengaluru outskirts to be rejuvenated

7 lakes on Bengaluru outskirts to be rejuvenated
Before pictures of rejuvenation work at Vabasandra Lake at Bommasandra. (Photo:DC)

Bengaluru: It is well known that water bodies that fall under BBMP’s purview are in poor condition and they often attract adverse publicity, but the condition of many lakes in rural Bengaluru is even worse, but due to their remoteness very little is known.

SayTrees, an NGO that spearheads environmental research and activities to restore the environment, in association with Hewlett Packard Inc, rejuvenated the Vabasandra Lake at Bommasandra. The NGO plans to rejuvenate seven such lakes.

After pictures of rejuvenation work at Vabasandra Lake at Bommasandra. (Photo:DC)

Kapil Sharma, founder, SayTrees said, “Due to the accumulation of silt over years, the lake was lost resulting in low water holding capacity. Lakes also face encroachment. Hence they have to be rejuvenated and protected.” Sharma also said that the lake will be maintained by them for two years, after which it will be handed over to the local residents.

The project to rejuvenate the lake, spread over 16 acres, was initiated on April 5 and completed in July. When asked how they accomplished this at such as short span of time, he commented, “We have used effective mechanism to get the work done. Work happens through the day to achieve the deadline. Sansera Foundation has been helping us with technical inputs to get the work done quickly and effectively.”

“Government takes time as they have a lot of process and many stakeholders to get the work done, whereas in this case it was just us and the village panchayat,” he added.

SayTrees surveys lakes based on input from locals. After the rejuvenation of Vabasandra Lake the reach out to the NGO has increased for further restoration of such water bodies in the vicinity. Moreover, Sewage Treatment Plants will be set up in lakes that require such a facility.

Sharma looks for corporate bodies to fund the ecological activities. Over seven lakes have been identified for the rejuvenation this year with support from the corporates under their CSR funds.