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9 Hindi Horror Films You Must Watch When You Are Craving Comedies

9 Hindi Horror Films You Must Watch When You Are Craving Comedies

It is a paradox universally recognised that Bollywood horrors are the funniest and Bollywood comedies are the scariest movies of all time.

When you are down in the dumps and only a funny movie can lift your spirits, go for one of our horror movies.

To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of some of the funniest horror movies because we want you to have awesome movies nights.

1. Shaapit (2010)

You can lovingly nickname it ‘Stoppit’. ‘Shaapit’ is a movie about women who cannot get married; if they try, they die.

2. Rokkk (2010)

If nothing else, this one should get full marks for honesty. If you decide to not heed the warning and watch the film, don’t let anyone ever question your patience again. ‘Rokkk’ is about two people fighting a haunted house – yes, the pret atma prefers buildings to humans. We totally feel it.

3. Creature 3D (2014)

‘Creature 3D’ – the creature – is as bizarre as its name. It’s half-human and half-lizard and full CGI fail. The creature – a fearless thing unperturbed by Bipasha Basu’s ear-splitting screaming – keeps attacking people in an unprofitable hotel she is trying to run in the hills.

4. Mallika (2010)

Just to put this in perspective, this film has managed to piss of even Wikipedia entry writers. Hence this gem from their plot-line: “Her boyfriend is of no help only providing some background music when the going gets tough.” A woman burdened with ghosts in her dream, ghosts on her bed and a boyfriend who even Wikipedia finds irrelevant. Poor thing.

5. Ghost (2012)

The very title of the film is indicative of how much thought went into it. Ghost has a ghost doing what ghosts in Bollywood do – kill humans.

6. Trip To Bhangarh (2014)

A horror film titled like a fourth-grader’s homework. Get the chips out and gear up for the laughs already!

7. Hisss (2010)

You haven’t watched this film which has Mallika Sherawat turn into a snake and back to Mallika Sherawat? What are you even doing reading this list?

8. Neighbours (2014)

Oh come on! A film on vampires which is called ‘Neighbours’. If you ever had to stay in rented apartments and been single/sociable/lover of parties, you know the Ramsay Brothers are completely on point with this film.

9. Kaalo (2010)

This movie is about a very angry, 18th-century witch who cannot wait till nightfall to hunt her victims. Legend has it, she was once stuck in an auto in a traffic jam one summer in Delhi. (You need to watch the film to believe that my theory is not incorrect.)