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Aamir Khan was to make a film on Nanavati case

Aamir Khan was to make a film on Nanavati case
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan had apparently been working on a film based on the infamous K.M. Nanavati case, which Akshay Kumar’s recent blockbuster, Rustom is based on.

Aamir had researched extensively on the case, even getting a ‘go-ahead’ from Sylvia, Nanavati’s widow. But eventually, the project got shelved after two other films, Rustom, and Pooja Bhatt’s Love Affair were based on the same subject.

Aamir reportedly wanted director Ram Madhvani to helm the project. After his successful and convincing reel adaptation of Neerja Bhanot’s story, Aamir was convinced that he was the most suitable person to lead a project as intricate as this.

They even met up with Sylvia, who resides in London. Reportedly, the team that had been researching on the project are unhappy with the tone of Rustom, and believe their interpretation would have been well researched and closer to reality.