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Andy Rubin’s Essential working on a Google-like smart glass

Andy Rubin’s Essential working on a Google-like smart glass
Image: Patently Apple

Andy Rubin’s Essential might be developing a potential smart glass. A recently unearthed patent filing indicates that the company might be planning to go against the likes of Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles.

The patent was first spotted by ‘Patently Apple’ and it illustrates a pair of glasses, that would have one or more “user facing” cameras built into them. The out-facing cameras will be used for photo and video recording; the in-facing cameras will track user’s eye movement.

The patent suggests that these features could be used in conjunction with the glasses’ “dual-mode” display for AR purposes. The smart glasses would also be compatible with photosensitive lenses, sunglass lenses and prescription lenses, says Patently Apple.

In an interview with the Wired earlier this week, Rubin stated that Google Glass failed “not because the tech was bad but because the world wasn’t ready to wear them.”