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Artsy allegories of the zodiac

Artsy allegories of the zodiac
Gouri’s work imbibes shades of myriad intensities and emotions into them

The finely rendered drawings by Gouri Vemula are clubbed together in a solo show titled Kagitham, Kalam, Sera, presently on display at Minaaz Art Gallery. The intricate drawings unveil a world of cryptic creatures that evolve from reality but immediately take a flight towards the unknown, unseen lands. Gouri’s rich works are secretive, sensuous and intimidating, all in equal strengths which suggest that the artist is a true storyteller demonstrating exquisite prowess in drawing and visual narration.

Elaborating on her exhibited series, Gouri says, “These drawings are based on the twelve zodiac signs. I have worked on bringing forth the visual diction and exemplification of the symbolic imagery and emblems involved with the theme.”

Printmaking is a manual, time-taking process which requires a lot of practice and patience — Gouri Vemula, artist

With a personalised version of the sun signs, Gouri’s visual dictionary merges the distinction between human figures, trees and animals with a fluent ease and swift diversions. A wide, ever-expanding and unbounded span is achieved in every art work. These visual tales imbibe shades of myriad intensities and emotions into them. At times, the flora, fauna and human beings seem to be redefining their oneness in a novel stance while at other times they reinstate a different mood and connection.

A passionate printmaker, Gouri accomplished her post-graduation in printmaking from Central University, Hyderabad. She has carved a niche for herself in the field of art and so, her recent visit to Milwaukee, US as a printmaker representing India was well-deserved. She conducted a printmaking workshop there and her works were later exhibited in the gallery.

Being one of the very few printmakers from the city, she talks with concern about the dearth of artists willing to pursue printmaking as a medium for their work. “Printmaking is a manual, time-taking process which requires a lot of practice and patience. And furthermore, print works are less in demand amongst art collectors because they believe that each print has many copies. This thought process has to change. For me, printmaking is a passion that I hold close to my heart; so, I have made it a point to stick to it through thick and thin,” she concludes.