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Beauty ‘Arms’away!

Beauty ‘Arms’away!
Contouring of the arms and legs are in!

For the longest time, contouring has been touted as one of the biggest make-up trends. But while you probably think of your face, and the make-up trend crops up; did you know contouring one’s arms and legs are quite the fad as well? Bengaluru-based make-up artistes Annapoorna Narsepalli and Ridhi Malhotra tell us more…

“Contrary to the popular notion, contouring is not just restricted to the face. In fact, contouring the sides of the neck, back of the arms, calves and even abs are in! Basically put, the idea of contouring is to give a particular body part a more glowy and taut effect,” opines Ridhi.

While going about the trend isn’t hard, for best results, one must pay attention to the shades of foundation used. “Moisturise your skin well. The skin on your arms are thicker, so you will need to moisturise it more instensely before starting off. Apply a primer for longevity. Always pick a foundation that’s lighter than your skin tone. Ideally, it should precisely be two tones lighter. You may also use cream and then set it with translucent powder. for a more enhanced appeal, you can use shimmery powders,” she adds. Speaking about the shades to be used to get optimum results while contouring the front and the back of the arms, Annapoorna says, “For the back of the arms or the calves, use a darker shade of concealer. Set it with a translucent powder. Use a shimmery highlighter for the front part of your arms to give it a glowy effect. Finish off the look with a setting spray.”

Remember, the idea of contouring your arms and legs are for subtle yet striking appeal. This is best suited for a soiree or an after-party. And always remember to use a beauty blender or a powder brush.