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Bengaluru: 103-year-old walks again, thanks to ragi mudde

Bengaluru: 103-year-old walks again, thanks to ragi mudde
103-year-old Shamanna after undergoing a surgery to fix a hip fracture.

BENGALURU: “I always knew nothing would happen to my father, who has been eating ragi mudde since his younger days. I told this to the doctors who were operating my father as well,” said an elated Chandra Kumar, whose father, 103-year-old Shamanna, underwent a surgery to fix a hip fracture on Monday.

Though into his ripe old age, Shamanna from Ramamurthy Nagar had no medical problems that could complicate his case. “He was brought to our hospital on September 4 and since he had no medical problems, we did a dipolar hemiarthroplasty the next day,” said Dr Ajith Benedict Rayan, Medical Director, HOSMAT.

Hip fractures are increasing among patients above 90 years old. “These patients present many challenges to doctors, both in terms of medical co-morbidities and orthopaedic complications,” said Dr Thomas Chandy, Chairman and Chief of Orthopaedics, HOSMAT, who operated on Shamanna, along with Dr Rajashekar. “Irrespective of the age, it is necessary to surgically fix the hip fracture, to relieve pain and to be able to turn the patient to avoid bed sores. Shamanna underwent a one-and-half-hour-long procedure,” he said.


“He will start walking from Saturday which is the fifth day from the operation. He has been shifted to the ward, but will be kept under observation,” he said.
“Apart from the doctors, I think his love for ragi mudde helped him with the surgery,” says his son with a smile.