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Bengaluru: Artificial Intelligence to help you find partner!

Bengaluru: Artificial Intelligence to help you find partner!
Ishdeep Sawhney

Bengaluru: Haven’t found your dream spouse yet? No need to rack your brains, just leave it to AI. If Siri and Google are there to help you find the nearest medical store or the name of a city or state, Artificial Intelligence is now there to help you find your dream partner.

Thousands are today apparently relying on a dating application that works completely on AI to find their ideal life  partner thanks to a techie duo, Ishdeep Sawhney and Upender Sandadi,  founders of Banihal Inc in Cupertino, California, USA.

The app has reportedly seen over 5000 downloads since the marketing campaign started for it with the Bollywood film, Ki & Ka in late March. Over 50 per cent  of Banihal users  are from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, according to Mr Sahney, the 38 year old CEO of the company.

“Why rely on what your aunts and uncles have to say about your dream man or woman when you can use Artificial intelligence which has pervaded all aspects of our lives,” he says. A software engineer , who has worked with Microsoft and Apple, he came up with the idea for Banihal when he himself was on the lookout for the perfect life partner.

“It was then that I realised the need for a platform that allows you to assess yourself and your needs in an objective way and helps you decide who the right person for you really is. I developed the algorithm that enables young, independent and self-willed Indians to make the most important decision of their lives,” he explains.

The algorithmic matchmaking service starts with collecting data from all the users on their thoughts, choices, beliefs and so on to create a unique model of their preferences and traits and then looks for suitable matches that complement these traits.

“Choosing a life partner is the hardest decision of a lifetime, predicting how one’s life will progress over the next 60 years. Fortunately, online platforms conducting research from neuroscience on decision-making reveal factors that influence individual decisions. They assure you of finding the right match by acting as a personal matchmaker with the help of Artificial Intelligence,” explains the techie -innovater , adding, “let’s say, these platforms bear similarities with Google search, where the key words guide the users to countless results, but one cannot go beyond the first five search results. As the recommendations are made by the programme’s brain, a user can see only the most compatible profiles, and their own profile is also visible to only the selected members.”

Interestingly, he is now focusing on developing technology that assists people, who are already married in improving their relationship and their conjugal life.