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By Making Music For The Deaf, Coke Studio Just Made History

By Making Music For The Deaf, Coke Studio Just Made History

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain,” Bob Marley once said.

Coke Studio, known for bringing musicians from far-flung areas of Pakistan into the mainstream, is doing just that. Making sure that when the music hits, you feel no pain. And, now at long last that applies to people who can’t hear too.

For its upcoming Season 9, Coke Studio Pakistan decided to take its music to everyone. In a Facebook post, they announced their new show, called, ‘Coke Studio For the Deaf’.

This is their attempt to make the musical experience accessible to the deaf community of Pakistan.

“Nine million people in Pakistan have some sort of hearing impairment. They can experience the rhythm of music through touch and sight, and we believe music is a feeling everyone should experience,” Coke Studio wrote in its Facebook post.

So, the makers prepared a studio set using a combination of lights and vibrations.

They called a bunch of people who are hard of hearing to their set.

“Whatever my body felt, whatever my brain thought, even though we cant hear the music, we can feel it,” a happy listener, said at the end of the show.

The Coke Studio initiative was made in partnership with the Deaf Reach programme of the Family Education Services Foundation.

Music makes the world go round and Coke Studio proved that once again.