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China may back the Mahabharata

China may back the Mahabharata
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan was recently spotted at the airport holding a copy of The Condensed Mahabharata of Vyasa by P. Lal — an indication that he’s seriously pursuing his idea of wanting to make a film or TV series on the subject. The perfectionist is obviously doing his homework before embarking on what will be a massive project.

We also hear that a Chinese company has expressed interest in co-producing the project. Aamir’s recent films Shuai Jiao Baba (meaning Let’s Wrestle Dad, the Chinese version of Dangal) and Secret Superstar have done great business in China, and that’s what seems to have sparked the company’s interest.

The Condensed Mahabharata of Vyasa

“Mahabharata is an epic with stories about families that will be entertaining to Chinese audiences as well. A few Indian production houses and film companies have already signed treaties with their Chinese counterparts, and a series of collaborations can be expected in the days to come. And who better than Aamir to spearhead a big-budget Bollywood flick co-produced by a Chinese company? If people in both countries watch it, it will be a multi-billion dollar grosser,” a trade expert says.