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Concerned mother aids disabled son’s suicide because of his paedophilic tendencies

Concerned mother aids disabled son’s suicide because of his paedophilic tendencies

He translates what therapists say into the bedroom (Photo: YouTube)

New York: People across the world keep talking about their dream job or a career that is actually fulfilling in life, but there are several jobs which might seem bizarre. Several researchers and medical experts have been working to help people have a better sex life, and now even politicians are getting involved by suggesting sex breaks at work.

If Spain tried tackling a drop in population by appointing a sex tsar, Kenneth Play from New York is supposed to watch people have sex in their houses and tells them what they are doing right and where they are going wrong, to make their sex life better as a sex coach.

The former fitness professional, Play has coached people in 50 countries and gets paid close to Rs 67000 for one session of telling people how to have a great time in bed after observing them. Play previously kept this limited to sex parties, but then started private visits after he noticed couples were not comfortable in public.

He wishes to make sex education as accessible as porn and wants people to experience more pleasure and develop intimacy in their relationship in record time. Beginning with an informal chat and then proceeding to the bedroom, the entire process takes around three to four hours.

While therapists are available for couples at much less than what Play gets paid, they approach him because he can understand what a therapist is working on and translate that in a bedroom for couples.