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Cops to challenge Satyam Babu’s acquittal in Ayesha Meera murder case

Cops to challenge Satyam Babu’s acquittal in Ayesha Meera murder case
 Hyderabad High Court

Vijayawada: The city police has decided to challenge the High Court acquittal of Satyam Babu in the Ayesha Meera murder case. The police is awaiting the judgement copy of the High Court order.

Police believes that “something went wrong” despite their investigation which, officials said, was done without prejudice. Police was of the view that the DNA matching of Ayesha and Satyam Babu was the ultimate evidence which could not be ruled out by any court.

“We were taken by surprise,” said city police commissioner D. Goutam Sawang. “We have not received the judgement copy yet. We will decide on the future course of action once we receive the full text.”

He said, “We did not expect this kind of order even after having clinching scientific evidence. We have to examine where we went wrong in the High Court. We will try to correct ourselves,” he said.

A senior official, who was also part of the investigation, said police had collected substantial evidences against Satyam Babu.

“We had done a crime scene reconstruction and a video was recorded. Satyam Babu explained how he committed the crime in that video,” the officer said. He said Satyam Babu was got arrested in connection with another crime and confessed to Nandigama police that he had killed Ayesha.

An identification parade was held in the presence of a magistrate and a victim of a similar attack had identified Satyam Babu, the officer said.