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Crazy in love: Indian couple ties knot dangling mid-air at 295ft

Crazy in love: Indian couple ties knot dangling mid-air at 295ft
Kolhapur couple Zehdir and Reshma exchanged their wedding vows hung from a ropeway 90 metres above the ground. (Credit: YouTube/ ABP NEWS)

When lovers Zehdir and Reshma from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, decided to become man and wife, they opted for a wildly unconventional route to marital bliss – by exchanging vows while being suspended 90 metres above the ground. And yes, they lived to tell the tale!


The priest, secured by a harness, carries the veil to be used in the wedding ceremony. (Credit: YouTube)

The daredevil pair, who incidentally met and fell in love while on a trek, took part in the marriage ceremony dressed in all their traditional finery even as they hung from a ropeway.


Zehdir and Reshma smile for the cameras. (Credit: YouTube)

 Of course, they insisted that they had taken all the necessary precautions in order to prevent any mishaps.


Reshma, the bride, seems all set to go. (Credit: YouTube)

Zehdir, the groom, later told ABP News, “I wanted to make my wedding different.” Well, they surely did succeed in their plan.


Family and friends witness the airborne wedding ceremony. (Credit: YouTube)