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Cup of coffee changes homeless man’s life

Cup of coffee changes homeless man’s life

The homeless man David was aided by two charity organisations who helped him with his CV so that he could apply for jobs. (Photo: Facebook/ShareShop Chester)

The concept of a ‘suspended coffee’ has been circulating the web for a while where it helps feed a hungry or homeless person who drops by to drink any coffee left by people. The suspended coffees are bought by people to help hungry people who do not have enough to eat at the particular restaurant. However the coffee helped a homeless man literally make a better life in an interesting way.

According to a report in the Metro, about a year back David came into a coffee shop asking if there were any coffees left so that he could have it. The homeless man did not have enough food to eat and lived on the streets before the coffee along with a sandwich changed his life. The shop ShareShop in Chester managed by SHARE (Charity Supporting Homeless Assisting Refugees Everywhere) and Chester Aid to the Homeless community helped David brush up his CV so that he could get a job to earn his living.

The homeless man David informed the aid that he went suited and booted and he finally did have a job. The post shared by ShareShop Chester has got over 3,500 shares and over 15,000 likes since it was posted on their Facebook. The concept of Suspended Coffees is certainly working wonders for many people and David seems to be one lucky guy to have benefited from it.