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DLink Mini HD WiFi Camera DCS-P6000LH review: Eye spy @home

DLink Mini HD WiFi Camera DCS-P6000LH review: Eye spy @home
D-Link’s Mini surveillance camera for home, is as simple as it gets
In these unsafe times, surveillance cameras have become a necessary fixture in many apartments and homes. Many require a technician to rig up. D-Link has simplified the technology to create a no-frills do-it-yourself solution that harnesses the home Wi-Fi network.

The Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera model DCS-P6000LH, is a small cylinder less than 10cm tall, weighing just 60 grams. You can place it anywhere indoors and connect it to a mains power outlet.

Once you have synced the camera to the MyDLink app on your mobile phone via Bluetooth, you can fully control it from there. The camera has a 120-degree viewing angle and a range of about 5 metres. You can set the sound level to eliminate ambient noise and it will start beaming live 720p colour video. It detects sound or motion and triggers alerts. You can also record manually from the phone.

At night, an infra red lens kicks in to provide monochrome imagery. I would have liked to see an onboard recording facility using a microSD card. As things stand, all image files are on the cloud and only accessible through the app. Still, the dummies approach to setting up and the asking price of Rs 2,995 buys you peace of mind on very reasonable terms.