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Facebook disables profile of a woman for posting breastfeeding picture

Facebook disables profile of a woman for posting breastfeeding picture
 Facebook said it was an ‘error’ (Photo: Facebook)

Missouri: In the digital age, the social media has provided a pedestal to people for launching initiatives and raising awareness about several important issues, body shaming being one of the most talked about.

But as several celebrities and women have used social media to slam those body shaming them for post pregnancy bodies or breast feeding, one of the major platforms on social media seems to have a problem with breast feeding among other things.

While Instagram earlier faced flak for pulling down a woman’s pictures showing menstrual blood, now Facebook has gone on and removed the image of a woman breast feeding a stranger’s child with her own, and also disabled her account.

The image uploaded by Rebecca Wanosik from Missouri was meant to show how she helped a mother she had met for the first time after receiving a text from her friend. The baby’s mother could not breast feed after being hospitalised and the baby refused a bottle.

As many people online found the image of the babies holding hands while breastfeeding beautiful, others shamed Rebecca and asked her to cover up. While Wanosik was surprised at people calling it unnatural, she was shocked to see that Facebook disabled her account.

On being contacted by The Independent, a spokesperson for Facebook described the action as an ‘error’ and said that they do make mistakes. The account has since been restored.