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For a glow that lasts!

For a glow that lasts!
Consider body makeup to give your arms an instant revamp!

Constant exposure to sunlight and  unpredictable weather can lead to a variety of skin woes. While it’s always recommended to step out with a shrug, the effect can still penetrate deep, leading to visible differences in the tone of one’s arms; allergies and dryness apart. But did you know that a few smart makeup hacks could save you from a host of embarrassing situations? Yes, acing the body makeup game is easier than you imagined! Here are things to consider before you begin…

1) As a rule of thumb, apply a generous shade of tinted moisturiser on the exposed parts like the arms and legs. This is the best option for women on the go, as tinted moisturisers do double duty: as a moisturiser and a bronzer!

2) Those with sensitive skin must be extra careful. Sensitive skin invariably means that the layer of the skin is thinner. Water proof products with SPF are a better bet.

3) When choosing makeup products for the body, ensure the texture is creamy. Unlike the skin on the face, that on the arms and the legs is thicker and drier. So, creamy formulations are recommended.

4) When choosing a foundation for the arms. Pick a tone that is at least a shade lighter than your arm’s skin tone.

5) Do not skip slathering a generous amount of body butter before the application of the foundation, especially if you have dry skin.

6)  Last but not the least, picking the right bronzer and moisturiser has many pluses: It can make your arms look toned and give out a healthy complexion.