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Full tank level at Hussainsagar

Full tank level at Hussainsagar
With water reaching full tank level, the GHMC opened the vent to let the water out on Wednesday. (Photo: Gandhi)

Hyderabad: On Wednesday, after 16 years, the Hussainsagar vent that opens to Marriott Hotel was opened as the tank crossed its FTL of 513.4 feet, the current level being  513.410 feet.

Wednesday’s rains brought back memories of the 2000 floods. If the city receives more showers, low-lying areas of Ambed-karnagar, Arundhati-nagar, Ratnanagar etc., might face inundation. However, there is no immediate danger, officials added.

GHMC: Be ready to vacate
The GHMC commissioner asked people in low-lying areas to vacate as a safety measure.  Following Wednesday’s rains, the bund area leading to the vent was dug up to allow outflow through the opened vent.


Rainwater stagnates on Tank Bund. (Photo: DC)

The lake’s catchment area is 244 sq. km. It has two outflow points — at Marriott Hotel and another at the GHMC head office. “Residents will be alerted through public address systems and will be requested to shift to nearby rehabilitation centres if the level crosses 513.8 feet,” said GHMC commissioner Dr B. Janardhan Reddy.

The 21 channels that lead to the vent near Marriott Hotel leads to the surplus nala to Golnaka. The total stretch is about 5.5 km. In the event of heavy rain, water gushes downstream and poses a threat to people living along the nala in areas like Ambedkarnagar, Sabar-matinagar, Arundatina-gar, Subash Chandra Bose Nagar, parts of Domalguda, Bapujinagar, parts of Himayatnagar, Dattanagar, Sriramnagar, Satyanagar, Ratnanagar, Shivanandanagar and Ganganagar.