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Here are things that men and women hate most about sex

Here are things that men and women hate most about sex
Threesomes and anal sex figured on the list (Photo: Pixabay)

Young people across the world consider sex a very important part of their life and most people do find a connection by trying out new things that they grow to love about sex. But how likely is it to bring people together over what they hate about sex?

A dating app called hater helps people get in touch on the basis of what they dislike and it seems to have found an answer to what most men and women hate about sex. Anal sex seemed to lead the way in terms of disagreements as only 48 percent women were in favour of it as opposed to 88 percent men.

Next on the list were threesomes which had as many as 81 percent men in favour, but only 43 percent women were positive abut it. It was followed by one night stands, but when it came to sex in the public, 50 percent women were up for it, even though it got support from 80 percent men.

When it came to things that more men and women agreed on not having in bed, fake boobs followed by pubic hair were on the top. Another thing was pierced breasts.