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Here’s how getting high can make sex a better experience

Here’s how getting high can make sex a better experience
Smoking weeed also makes it last longer (Photo: AFP)

Sex is a very crucial factor in relationships and also adds to the physical and mental health of an individual. But a sound body and mind are also important for a healthy sex life, and hence everyone is looking for ways to enhance this experience.

Consumption of weed is often associated with varying effects on physical and mental well being, but it turns out that getting high can actually work wonders for sex life by boosting performance in bed.

Many people recommend getting high before having sex since it removes inhibitions such as stress and other distractions, hence allowing couples to focus only on pleasure and making for a great orgasm.

Many suggest that for the right effect, one hit is usually enough to get a person in the mood by reducing stress and the environment also plays an important role in the outcome.

While many would argue that alcohol could have similar effects, people say that alcohol makes one feel numb while weed makes people more in tune with their body.

It also makes sexual intercourse last longer as people feel more involved in it than usual and are not rushed. Especially in a time with various aspects causing stress, getting high naturally provides a more relaxed experience in bed.