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Hotel sticks ‘No Sex’ notice in room for the most bizarre reason

Hotel sticks ‘No Sex’ notice in room for the most bizarre reason
The photo of the notice was posted by the guest on Reddit to say thank you to the hotel and that is when it went viral. (Photo: Reddit)

Hotels have all sorts of necessary signs requested by their guests living in rooms and while not to be disturbed is one of the most common, there are many other funny ones too. A photo of a hotel notice went viral after it said ‘No Sex Room’ and it is for the most unusual reason.

According to a report in The Sun, a couple visited the hotel for the weekend but the girlfriend told her partner that they wouldn’t be having sex. The boyfriend agreed to the condition decided to make it all the more special by requesting the hotel to add a note in their room. He basically wanted her to feel better and so told them to make a note like they do for ‘No Smoking’ and the likes.

The notice, which went viral on Reddit puzzled many users before they got to know the real reason. Many of them thought of it as weird while the others thought it was really cute of the boyfriend to take the initiative.

Read the note below: