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Hyderabad: Drunk man beheads 5 puppies for barking at him

Hyderabad: Drunk man beheads 5 puppies for barking at him
Puppies that were beheaded and thrown in the nala.

Hyderabad: The carcass of five beheaded stray puppies was recovered from an unused cement tunnel (pipeline ) in Paridhi Vada of Puranapul, Old City on Monday morning. The pups were reportedly killed by a drunken man because he felt offended as the dogs had barked at him. The decapitated bodies of four puppies were recovered but the fifth one was found completely beyond recognition, with the skin also peeled off.

Mr Kranthi Raja a resident of Pardivada Puranapul, an animal welfare volunteer and who often fed these puppies, last saw the them on Sunday evening barking at a drunk man, who is yet to be identified by the police.

Mr Raja informed the Gowliguda police, through a formal complaint, that, he found the mother whining next to a tunnel and when he peeped in, he found the five beheaded puppies.

Narrating the scene, Ms Hema Bendela, an animal activist shared, “From the information gathered from the locals, it is learnt that the puppies were dumped by their killer in a garbage dump. However, it was the mother who picked them up and placed them inside a tunnel. She sat next to the bodies whining, thus people began to notice. When the volunteer removed them from the pipeline, he noticed that all five were beheaded.”

She added, “It was heartbreaking to watch the mother run and cry for help, her gestures explained that she wanted someone to rescue them. While they were being removed, she howled and cried loudly and sat next to the corpus until we removed them. The police are unable to get to the killer as the CCTVs are dysfunctional, the wires of the cameras were found chopped off.”

The bodies were buried in an open ground at Purnanapul, no post-mortem was conducted. No case has been booked so far.