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Hyderabad: Newborn injured; kin goes to cops

Hyderabad: Newborn injured; kin goes to cops
 The injured newborn at Kamineni Hospital

Hyderabad: A case of negligence has been filed against Kamineni Hospital by State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights as a pre-mature new born baby received injuries on the back of the head during the C-section.

During the delivery of the baby there was a complication which led to a C-Section delivery and during the procedure the child received injury from an instrument used.

As the child was pre-mature, it had to be kept in the incubator and the parents were not told about this injury.

Baby’s father P.P. Murali Krishna in his complaint to the commission says, “We were not informed about this injury. We saw the child only twice a day in the incubation room. It was only when she was shifted to the general ward that this injury was noticed.”

The hospital has stated that the child was under its care and proper examination was carried out by the neurological team. The team has confirmed that there is no damage to the skull or the brain. The mark is on the skin and it is being treated by senior doctors in the hospital.