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I don’t miss the traffic but I miss the street food: Preity Zinta

I don’t miss the traffic but I miss the street food: Preity Zinta
 Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is enjoying a blissful married life with husband Gene Goodenough. But is it all she had expected it to be? Pat comes the retort, ‘The question is, ‘Is your husband good enough?’ “Yes, my life is good enough now.” Life after marriage has certainly made her fitter.

“Weekends in India used to be lazy but that’s not the case there. I used to sleep and enjoy my mornings here on weekends. He (Gene) works hard through the week and on the weekend, he gets up and says, ‘let’s go out in the sun’. He is very sporty. We watch a lot of movies. He is sweet.”

Home away from home, Preity appreciates the little things she had never noticed earlier. “There too we celebrate all the festivals that we did in India with a group of Indians. We have our regular parties and I visit all my friends often. During the Ganpati festival, I bring home a Ganpati.” After thinking awhile, she adds, “The only thing we cannot do is gatecrash. We have to duly take an appointment to even visit friends at their homes. Whereas in India, we could just drop in on our close friends without giving them any notice.”

Preity Zinta

Preity has adjusted well to her new life, but lists the things she misses. “My
life involves shuttling between India and America, and I have to manage. I miss visiting friends randomly. You have to plan a week before and reach there on time. When I tell Gene we have to be there at 8 o’clock, he asks, ‘Indian or American timing?’ I don’t miss the traffic, but I miss the street food and the chit chat.”