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In the spirit of healing

In the spirit of healing
Rashmi Aiyappa

There are a plethora of things on your mind, but you refrain from sharing your thoughts with your family members and friends. Don’t you worry cos here’s a platform where you can express yourself without being judged. Spirit-U-All is an interactive forum created by Aashwasan to facilitate a journey of self — discovery. It a forum where people of all ages have a chance to listen as well as talk to each other without any reservations.

“We are offering an unbiased and non-judgmental space for people to come together, open their heart, look at life and bring out the most simple questions that they have. From  health and well being, to relationships, career and family or friends, they can discuss just about anything under the sun, “ says Ravi Ramamurthy, an Aashwasan practitioner.

At this forum, people  can open up  their emotions and unresolved thoughts  to find clarity. Student Sindhu KS has always been plagued by several issues that 20- somethings usually face — from boyfriend problems to career woes.

“I’d love to attend a forum where I can express myself without being judged or looked as being strange or weird. Not always can you talk to your parents about what you’re going through,” She says.

Spirit-U-All is not a session that teaches or preaches but creates a space for individuals to listen and express Lavina Ponappa is someone who’s participating in the forum tomorrow. “I’ve attended such an event before and I always look forward to it. There’s going to be a lot of discussion and sharing and I’m sure it will be be a powerful experience,” she says.

Go ahead and discover your uninhibited self at 1000 yoga in Indiranagar between 3 and 5 pm today.