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Infinite dimensions of life

Infinite dimensions of life
Speaking Spiritually: Mahatria Ra

Hundreds of people thronged the Ravi Narayana Reddy Auditorium in Banjara Hills to attend an Infinitheism session led by spiritual guru T. T. Rangarajan or Mahatria Ra. At sharp 7 pm, Mahatria walks in wearing his signature white kurta-dhoti to spellbind the audience for the two hours to follow. “I love you so much” he begins. “Love you too,” the audience shouts back with excitement. His goal is clear — to transform people. The discourse was on ‘11 ways to magnetise spiritual abundance’. His own spiritual journey began after a friend’s suicide. “How could someone so highly educated commit suicide,” he asked. Ra questions the education system and says classification is the root of all problems.

“Right from school, children are divided based on classes, sections and gender. And when you finish your education, you go out and face the world, only to realise there are different kinds of people,” he says,  adding, “Students  are not taught about life and how to face problems, but are spoon-fed certain subjects.” So, what is Infinitheism all about?  According to Ra, it is the path that inspires breakthroughs in anyone who desires abundance. It teaches not just material abundance, but also spiritual abundance.

An individual is capable of more than he thinks. He is capable of living a holistic life, and that’s what Infinitheism teaches. The symbol of Infinitheism, the three red circles Ratria symbolises life’s continuity, perpetuity and infinite evolution. It also symbolises the need to grow higher, deeper and beyond. Ra talks about the importance of giving. To be, to do, to have and to give is the key to life, he says. “Even an animal can feed four-five people. How are we more evolved, if we do the same? Giving must not be limited to a few friends or  family, it must be beyond it. One can spread happiness and wipe a few tears,” he adds.

Ra tells us the importance of gratitude: “Life is not shaped by consequences but by the counter-choices to those consequences. While facing a problem, instead of being disturbed, one must be grateful to the good things in life,” he says. He says that money is indeed important: “The problem is that money is in the wrong hands. If only good people had money, there wouldn’t be so many problems. We must work hard, be powerful and then use it for the good of people.

He made the audience repeat after him, “I will find happiness in the small things of life and strive for success in the big things of life.” Stressing that Infinitheism is not a religion, but a path transcendental of all discrimination, Mahatria explained life with examples ranging from the Bible to the Gita. Chennai-based Mahatria promises to do a free extra session on September 19 citing that “he loved conducting sessions in Hyderabad”. “Life is just a leela,” he concludes, not before reciting, “Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!”