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Iraqi militias recruiting child soldiers: report

Iraqi militias recruiting child soldiers: report
Child soldiers were previously filmed being trained by the pro-government Popular Mobilisation Forces. (Photo: AP)

London: Iraqi militias are ‘recruiting child soldiers’ from refugee camps as it prepares an offensive on Mosul. Militias backed by the Iraqi government are recruiting child soldiers from refugee camps while mounting a key operation against ISIS, the Independent reported.

Earlier this month young boys were taken from a camp in northern Iraq. Human Rights Watch reported that residents of the Debaga camp, near Erbil in the autonomous Kurdistan region, said tribal militias recruited children among hundreds of refugees.

Witnesses said Hashad al-Ashari members drove the boys to a town closer to Mosul, where the Iraqi Security Forces are preparing to launch an offensive against the ISIS stronghold. A local resident told HRW local militias arrived in the refugee camp with empty lorries and left with them filled with men and boys.