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Is Karan Johar being made a scapegoat?

Is Karan Johar being made a scapegoat?
Karan Johar

Speaking of trouble, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil seems to be facing a crisis of sorts, with questions about the film’s release looming large. Now, according to sources in the know, there’s much more to the current campaign by a certain section of film exhibitors to boycott Ae Dil…

Reliable sources say that at the root of the current standoff between exhibitors and Karan’s film is a long-standing feud between a section of exhibitors in Maharashtra and Shringar Films. Shringar happens to be the Mumbai-Maharashtra distributors for Ae Dil…

“For a very long time, exhibitors have held a grudge against the way Shringar Films functions. They are distributing Karan’s film and exhibitors have grabbed the current anti-Pakistan mood of the country to get even with them. They shall do so by boycotting Ae Dil…, which regrettably stars a Pakistani actor, and instead screen the other Diwali film, Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay,” reveals the insider.