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Justin Trudeau replies to Quora user with photo after she asked for proof

Justin Trudeau replies to Quora user with photo after she asked for proof
The Canadian Prime Minister replied with a photo of him during the session replying to all the questions thrown at him and it has now gone viral. (Photo: Quora)

Social media has brought politicians closer to their people more than ever before and their quick replies are even making them get new followers. A Pakistani girl recently decided to check if it was the real Justin Trudeau replying to questions and was left surprised when he replied with a photo.

According to a media report, Pakistani girl Shamaim Kirmani couldn’t believe that Justin Trudeau actually took time out to host the session on Quora and so she tweeted to him asking for proof. The Prime Minister had a really great discussion with every while answering questions about Brexit and his most widely appreciated stand on feminism among other things and it was quite a hit. Trudeau however immediately answered her question by posting a picture of him at his desk discussing issues with people all around the world.

Unsurprisingly, the reply was voted the second best in his discussion with more than 14,000 people voting for it and it has now gone viral. Justin Trudeau seems to be quite a people’s person and no question can deter him from being the cool Prime Minister he is.