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Latest find at Hampi: A Pushkarini

Latest find at Hampi: A Pushkarini
The temple tank which was discovered at Hampi.

Ballari: A ‘pushkarini’ or temple tank has been excavated at the premises of the famed Virupaksha temple in the 15th century capital city of the erstwhile Vijayanagar empire- Hampi.

The tank was discovered while levelling the ground and laying stone slabs after demolishing the tourist accommodation rooms on Sunday. As the digging continued at the spot, the temple tank came into full view, a junior conservation officer of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) said.

God Virupaksha was the principal deity of the Vijayanagar kings. The tank now discovered is medium sized and has ornate carvings on the rocks on all its sides. There is a Nandi figurine on one side, with steps to climb down into the temple tank on the other side.

Various construction works are being undertaken at the below-ground-level Shiva temple and the Virupaksha temple in the UNESCO world heritage centre.
The officer said an ancient pipeline system dating back to the Vijayanagar era, was discovered near the queen’s bathing house in the ancient city some time ago.