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LDF is no place for ice cream sale: CPI

LDF is no place for ice cream sale: CPI
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Thiruvananthapuram: The CPI has yet again criticised CPM for hinting at the possibility of having a broader understanding with Kerala Congress and Muslim League. In an article in party mouthpiece Janayugam, the party has mocked at the two parties saying LDF was not a wayside temple for anti-people forces to run ice cream business or for corrupt to install their currency counting machine for counting bribe money.

The write up reminded that the previous UDF government was neck deep in corruption.  Former finance minister K M Mani was the symbol of bribery and corruption. It said during the UDF regime people saw how ministers were coming in and out of the courts in connection with corruption cases.  One of the major factors responsible for the massive defeat of UDF in the last Assembly elections was corruption.

The article sought to know if those who were neck-deep in corruption could become Mr Clean just by coming out of their front. How can one convince the public about such crossovers? The CPI also countered though indirectly the editorial and write up that appeared in CPM mouthpeice Deshabhimani which sounded positive on tying up with Kerala Congress and Muslim League. Taking them on board was just like asking Govindachamy and Ameerul Islam for women safety. It was also akin to summoning Mohan Bhagwat and Narendra Modi for the surgery of cancerous Hindutva politics.