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Man bitten by croc after falling on it while clicking picture

Man bitten by croc after falling on it while clicking picture
 He managed a narrow escape (Photo: Facebook/Johnny Bonde)

Australia: Crocodiles are creatures who can easily instil fear among people and rightly so since a single snap of the reptile’s jaw can easily lead to fatal consequences and no one can see it coming since these predators are experts at waiting calmly for the right time to attack.

But seems like a Danish backpacker failed to understand the gravity of the threat a croc poses and got a bit too excited when he saw a 2.5 metre long one on his trip to Australia. This being the first sighting in 14 months, he started clicking pictures and before he could understand started sliding down the bank.

He toppled and landed right on top of the crocodile as it got him in its grip and shook it around, but fortunately only his arm was caught and he managed to escape the reptile’s jaws.

He came out of the river and was taken to a hospital where he spent days getting treated for deep lacerations as his wounds were checked for infection. He admitted that he felt stupid to have landed in the situation and didn’t look forward to seeing anymore crocodiles.