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Model who lost her hair to cancer treatment takes social media by storm

“I had lost most confidence in myself.” (Photo: Facebook/Andrea Sierra Salazar)

Fighting cancer can be a gruelling experience and it can take a toll on more than a person’s body, as it may leave a deep impact on a person’s mind. This can be even worse when one dreams of being a model since the side effects of cancer treatment can leave one scarred.


Being a successful model was Andrea’s life long dream (Photo: Facebook/Andrea Sierra Salazar)

17-year-old high school student Andrea Salazar found herself in a similar situation when she lost all her hair to chemotherapy as she was treated with stage 2 nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma.


She lost her hair to Chemotherapy two years back (Photo: Facebook/Andrea Sierra Salazar)

The aspiring model was left shattered as she felt there was no hope for fulfilling her dream, she wrote in an Instagram post, “I would have never imagined of being able to go out in public without a wig. I had lost most confidence in myself.”


She said her confidence was shattered after the treatment (Photo: Facebook/Andrea Sierra Salazar)

But nothing is impossible when friends and family come to the rescue and offer their support, and the same happened in Andrea’s case as her family encouraged her to organise a ‘princess’ photo shoot and pose without a wig.


Her pictures have gone viral with 100000 shares and counting (Photo: Facebook/Andrea Sierra Salazar)

Stunning images of Andrea took social media by storm when she tweeted the photographs as it has been shared 1,00,000 times and counting. To make it even better, Andrea has also been roped in by a top modelling agency.


A top modelling agency has roped in Andrea after her photoshoot (Photo: Facebook/Andrea Sierra Salazar)

Andrea’s fairytale serves inspiration for people who have lost confidence, and hopefully we’ll get to see a lot more of Andrea.