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Mother walks 48 kms around Grand Canyon to help stranded family

Mother walks 48 kms around Grand Canyon to help stranded family

Karen Klein walked through three feet of snow for 16 kilometres before she realised the highway was closed and had to go through a longer route from a park entrance to get help. (Photo: Pixabay)

Love for ones family goes beyond all relationships and many of us would do anything to help them in times of need. A mother recently was the best example when she walked a treacherous path to get her stranded family help.

Karen Klein walked 48 kilometres to flag down a car to help, after her family got lost close to the Grand Canyon. Karen was travelling along with her husband Eric Klein and 10-year-old son Isaac when the incident happened. Eric couldn’t get the job done as he had recently broken his back and the family had wound up on a small path that was difficult to get out of.

According to an interview with Good Morning America, Karen walked 10 miles (16 kms) through three feet deep snow before she realised the main highway was closed; she then walked through a park entrance that was 14 miles away. After it became dark she forced herself to stay awake by eating twigs from an aspen tree and drinked melted snow. The mother said her primary instinct was to save her family – her son and husband.