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My journey has not been easy: Sunny Leone

My journey has not been easy: Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone sure knows how to make the headlines. Her item song in upcoming film Raees is already a rage. Acknowledging the opportunity to work with superstar Shah Rukh Khan, the actress says, “I am ever thankful for Shah Rukh Khan’s support and willingness to work with me. He’s made me believe that anything is possible. He can change the course of my career here.”

Fondly describing her brother’s wedding, Sunny says, “It was a small, intimate wedding — every single person was very close to us. We missed my parents that day.”


Sunny Leone at her brother’s wedding

On being chosen among BBC’s most influential women alongside Karima Baloch, Neha Singh and others, Sunny admits, “I didn’t really know what it meant until I did some research. But I feel very honoured to be alongside some amazing women.” She further reveals, “I have always tried to remain who I am. I want to be a good human being and follow my own dreams without hurting anyone.”

Sunny admits that her journey has not been easy. “But I have a great team and a wonderful husband, who has supported me. I believe in persistence and professionalism. I might not be the best actor or dancer, but I try my best and work hard,”she says.

The actress has been subjected to a certain amount of intrusive scrutiny about her past. “A lot of journalists have not been nice and wanted to boost themselves and their careers at my cost. But karma always comes back around. I don’t care what they write or say. I know who I am and what my goals are. No one can take that away from me,” she states.

Sunny says she is determined to keep working in Bollywood, even though her films as leading lady have not fared too well this year. Looking back at 2016, she says, “My year, as always, has been full of ups and downs. But more up than down.”