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Narendra Modi bigger actor than me, says actor Prakash Raj

Narendra Modi bigger actor than me, says actor Prakash Raj
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prakash Raj.

Bengaluru: It was the turn of a silver screen star to take on PM Minister Narendra Modi with multi-lingual actor, Prakash Raj, who has excelled in villain roles, remarking on Sunday that the PM’s silence on his ‘followers’ celebrating the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, was akin to an “actor trying to please his followers”.

Speaking after inaugurating the 11th state meet of the Left-oriented Democratic Youth Federation of India here, he said, “Those who killed Gauri may or may not be traced but that apart, there is a huge crowd out there enjoying and celebrating on social media. We all know who they are, what their ideology is. Some of those celebrating this ghastly episode are being followed by none other than Mr Modi himself. This is what worries me, where is our country is headed to?”

He said that Mr Modi by remaining silent on his followers’ actions, was only proving a point that “he is trying to become a bigger actor than me”.

“I am  worried about the PM’s silence. Is he trying to endorse cruelty espoused by some of his followers,” he questioned angrily and added that he does not mind returning his five national film awards to Mr Modi if he continues to remain silent on such cruelty.