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Photo series represents the dual life of LGBT community in India

Photo series represents the dual life of LGBT community in India

Dey wanted to tell the people that love knows no gender or age bar. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


“I wanted to make a point about love having no bar on gender. It just happens and we cannot predict how or when it does,” Dey said to BuzzFeed. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


It took him six months to research over the subject. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


The photos tell us a story of a man torn between two lives. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


One life, where he is expected to fulfill his duties towards the woman who he has got married to for the sake of the society. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


While the other part depicts his sexuality which draws him towards another man. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


Dey has shared these pictures on his Facebook page and got a overwhelming response. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


These pictures have got shared over hundreds of times and he is receiving positive response about his work. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


Calcutta-based fashion photographer, Amit Bittoo Dey, recently did a photo series titled “Coy Mistress”. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


The series focuses on the dual lives of the people from the LGBT community. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


Dey highlights the struggle and sufferings of LGBT community in India. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


Dey tries to show what kind of life people from the LGBT community have to live because of the pressures of society. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)


Being bisexual himself and noticing his peers, he realised that many people were hiding their sexual identities because of whcih other parties are suffering. (Photo: Amit Bittoo Dey/Facebook)