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Priyal Gor turns into Icchadhari Naagin

Priyal Gor turns into Icchadhari Naagin
Priyal Gor

After Mouni Roy and Sara Khan, it is actress Priyal Gor’s turn to transform into an icchadhaari naagin for an upcoming comedy show, titled Iccha Pyaari Naagin.

The actress will be shown descending from Naagistan on Earth with a mission at hand to change the negative image that snakes are generally associated with.

Priyal will be seen donning an elaborate look in the show. “It’s an interesting character. I will be seen wearing a golden lehenga choli complete with snake-shaped bangles, a choker and a cobra-shaped maang tikka perched on my head in all its glory. I am really enjoying shooting the scenes. I hope the viewers find it interesting,” Priyal said.

Given that Mouni and Sara have left an impression on audiences with their Naagin act, it will be quite a task for the actress to convince audiences. We point it out to the actress, and she is eager to accept the challenge.

She says, “There’s no denying the fact that both Mouni and Sara have been good with their roles. But I can’t let that deter me. As an actor, we always want to attempt things that haven’t been explored previously. This is what makes us better performers. I have taken it up as a challenge. The role is unlike the typical Naagin role that you have seen previously on Indian television. I am positive that the show will work.”