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Priyanka Gandhi’s daughter will be Congress saviour, says Janardhan Poojary

Priyanka Gandhi’s daughter will be Congress saviour, says Janardhan Poojary
Priyanka Gandhi with daughter Miraya and husband Robert Vadra in a file photo.

Mangaluru: Even while Congressmen are hoping that Priyanka Vadra will enter active politics and revive the sagging fortunes of the party comes a big revelation of sorts from senior Congress leader, Janardhan Poojary.

Considered a loyalist of the Gandhi-Nehru family.  Poojary, a former KPCC president has reposed his hopes in the next generation of the Nehru-Vadra family- Priyanka’s daughter Miraya Vadra.

Miraya Vadra is the 14- year-old daughter of Priyanka and Robert. The former MP of Mangaluru was the right hand man of Indira Gandhi and also Rajiv Gandhi.

On Tuesday, he revealed before journalists a hitherto unknown episode that took place a few years ago to prove that Miraya could be a successful leader.

“Priyanka has the charisma of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi,” Poojary said and went on to speak about her daughter. “A few years ago Sonia Gandhi ji gave me the horoscope of her granddaughter and asked me to show it to Mr Jischkar who was good at economics and also astrology. When I went to him, he asked me to show the horoscope to his guru, a great astrologer at Haridwar. The belief was that the astrologer’s prophesy never failed,” Poojary said.

“When I went to him, the astrologer who saw the horoscope of the child (Miraya) told me clearly-that there would never be a leader like her in India in the future,” Poojary told reporters. The veteran leader said he had mentioned about this episode in his autobiography which is nearing completion.