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Realistic sex robots with functioning genitalia to hit markets next year

Realistic sex robots with functioning genitalia to hit markets next year
This will transform the way people see intimacy (Photo: AFP)

California: New devices are making it simpler for people to accomplish difficult tasks and the advent of technology just might turn sci-fi fantasies of robots doing almost everything for human beings into a reality.

Although it may seem like a great thing to make robots do everything for you, some have even expressed concerns about robots replacing humans in important places. This concern has been reflected a lot when it comes to sex, since sex robots are quickly becoming popular around the world.

While many are worried that no physical limitations and the ability to have sex anytime might result in sex with machines replacing an intimate experience, realistic sex robots with fully functioning genitals are expected to hit markets by 2017.

The hyper realistic robots will also have sensors to enable them to react to touch and heaters that simulate actual body warmth. The sex robot is created by California based Abyss Creations and is aptly named RealDoll.

The author of a book on sex with robots said that while the development might seem creepy, it will allow people to get intimate with technology itself given that technology and the internet have played a great role in shaping human relationships in the 21st century.

RealDoll is set to be available in markets next year and is priced at a whopping Rs 97,5591.