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Return of radio lifts spirits of Telangana students

Return of radio lifts spirits of Telangana students
Radio broadcast system

Khammam: Is the radio coming back in rural areas? Are people showing interest in radio? The answer is not exactly “no”.

The students are showing interest to listen programmes broadcasting through the radio as part of educational programmes.

“Vindam-Telusukundam” and “Vindam – Nerchukundam” programme, an education programme to the primary classes through the radio broadcast system, is facing teething problems in Khammam district.

Many of the students will have talent of learning lessons by listening than reading. Radio programmes will be useful, such students and the other students can also know the various events around the world through the programmes apart from text books. But, many of the schools did not get the radio devices so far and some of the teachers are not allocated time to the pupil to hear the programmes.

The programme commenced 36 days back and headmasters of 105 schools did not get the device. The scheme was introduced to mould the people in the tender age by transmitting riddles in Telugu language, proverbs, adages and stories on moral values.

The lessons in text books will also be transmitted in a simple language with clarity and straightforwardness.

The devices in 32 schools had encountered problem and they should be replaced.

The government scheduled the radio programme under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan to inculcate moral values apart from the text book content, proverbs, provoking thoughts and other activities.

The teachers and students will be instructed for conducting activities through radio programmes. As per the schedule, the headmasters should give time to listen the programmes transmitting from 11 am to 11.30 am every day from July 15 to September 30, 2016.

Headmasters were asked to ensure the availability of monitoring records and look after that all the kids hear the programmes broadcast in the radio programme. The programme was commenced in a school at Wyra. Many of the students are showing interest by hearing the lessons through radio.

N. Siva Prasad, a student in a school in Wyra said, “The programmes are very good and we can easily understand them because of its simplicity,” adding that he would not forget what he heard  once. He asked the officials to broadcast more programmes on general knowledge.