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Sex toys are safer than children’s toys, says new study

Sex toys are safer than children’s toys, says new study
The misconception that sex toys cause vaginal infection is false as they do not directly pose any health issues. (Photo: Pixabay)

Women often have doubts about infections when they use a variety of sex toys to fulfil their sexual pleasures. While the doubts are valid, a recent study has good news for all women who are reluctant to use the sex toys they have always wanted to. The study says that sex toys are safe and even safer than the toys children play with. The sex toys contain fewer banned chemical substances that will not harm women.

According to a report in the Mirror, the study conducted by a Swedish Chemical Agency found that the banned chemical substances are almost negligible in sex toys unlike the popular misconception. The study compared sex toys to the toys that children play with and the latter has a higher number of banned substances that could lead to sicknesses.

The chances of women getting a vaginal infection through a sex toy are very less and it was completely fine to use them, according to the study. Vaginal infections on the other hand occur because of not maintaining good hygiene habits.