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Shravan Reddy survives road accident

Shravan Reddy survives road accident
Shravan Reddy

Krishnadasi’s leading man, Shravan Reddy escaped death recently, when a truck coming from the opposite direction broke the divider and rammed into his car. Shravan miraculously escaped with minor bruises, although his car was badly damaged.

The actor immediately received help from the locals and police present at the location. In this case, the truck driver did not flee from the spot and hence the locals were able to hand him over to the police.

The actor too was taken to the police station to lodge an FIR. The process took long and the actor actually ended up spending a night in the police station. It was only after finishing off the formalities at police station that the actor was taken to a doctor to get his bruises bandaged. Even though Shravan was shaken by the accident, he didn’t let it affect his mind and work. In fact, the actor resumed work the very next day.

Talking about the incident, Shravan says, “It was a crazy night for me. I was driving the car since I decided to give my driver a day off. I answered my phone since it was an important one. While I was busy talking on the phone, I saw a truck speeding towards my car. Before I could take some action, it rammed into my car. Luckily I escaped with minor bruises. The scariest part for me was when the car’s door was locked after the truck rammed into the car. Some locals rushed to help me and opened the door. Later the truck driver and I were taken to the police station where we filed an FIR. The routine process took so long that I ended up spending the night in the police station. I still get goosebumps when I recall the incident.”