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Spread the sparkle

Spread the sparkle
A picture of a model sporting the glitter eye makeup trend.

If we lived in the world of unicorns and fairies, wearing glitter everyday is likely be more common. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. But there are ways to wear glitter everyday. From highlighting your brow bone with soft, gold sparkles to catching the light with a mineralised, sparkling powder, glitter can be used in creative, pretty ways and easily incorporated into anyone’s daily routine.

If I could, I would smear rainbow glitter across my cheeks daily and revel in feeling like a disco ball. But work, running errands, and attending meetings aren’t exactly the ideal places to rock such a look. You can expertly work it into your beauty routine. Through glitter beauty products and creative application, anyone can rock glitter eye makeup.

Tips and Techniques:

Start with the eyes. As you do not want all the eye shadow and glitter pigment falling on you face, spoiling the foundation or the base.

Use a flat stiff synthetic brush. Flat so that you can pat down the glitter shadow on the lid and synthetic so that it is easy to clean.

Clean off your lashes with a lash spoolie dipped in water, and then you can dust away the glitter that might be on your cheeks or face.

Spray a finishing spray at the end to set everything in place so it won’t fall down on your cheeks all night.

Simmy Sakhuja is an expert makeup artist.