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Summer nail trends

Summer nail trends

Nail art

Summer has kick-started with a bang! With the rising temperatures and bright pops of hues making its way into the fashion scene, why not add some colour to your nail? Here are a few tips on how to create two interesting and incredibly easy DIY nail art.

Feature Finger Summer Fun
For those who don’t like too much going on with their nails, try pastels. Lemon, lilac, mint green or tiffany blue can make a subtle yet striking statement. Begin by painting your nails, leaving out just the ring finger. For a glittery effect, dip your fingers in a pot of fairy dust. Stickering is the simplest ways to do this.

For the more adventurous — try creating a motif. Simple stripes or dots can be created using a fine brush or a dotting tool (wooden tooth pick). In all cases, top it off with a quick dry clear varnish.

Marbled Nails
Marbled Nail looks tough, but is pretty simple as long as you work quickly.

Gather 4/5 complimentary or bold colours that work well together. Now, paint your nails with a clear base coat, followed by a white coat. While your nails are drying take a bit of elmers glue with a fine paint brush. Now, paint the skin around the nail bed and wait for it to dry. In a deep cup of water, drop the nail paints consecutively into the water, creating circles of colours. Once done, take a toothpick and run through it in whatever direction you wish. Dip your fingers into a bowl of water and remove at varied angles. Make sure your cup is clean everytime you drop colour into it. Repeat this for the rest of your fingers. Once completely dry, clean the outside of your nails well. Finish off, by applying a quick dry coat.