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T-shirt with attitude

T-shirt with attitude
The BroadcastWear apparel with attitude range, is available from their website and costs between Rs 1,499 and Rs 3,500.

Just over a year ago a 20-member startup,  Broadcast Wearables, based in Hyderabad, married surface mount  LED technology to clothing to create what was claimed to be the world’s first programmable, touch-enabled t-shirt. They stitched a 7 x 30 matrix of LEDs into the fabric, added a circuit board with Bluetooth and a tiny button battery cell.  Using an app on your mobile phone, you could type out text, draw freehand or select an animation — and your shirt would display it. To change the design or slogan, just tap on the text.

Since then, the company has grown to bigger designs, with 800 plus LEDs and batteries that last for 6 hours. For women, they have created dresses which display innovative patterns and colours with LED — to display that smouldering spirit! The BroadcastWear apparel with attitude range is available from their website and costs between Rs 3500 and Rs 1499