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Take refuge in owl-shaped cabins for free in French port city Bordeaux

Take refuge in owl-shaped cabins for free in French port city Bordeaux
The Guetteurs also known as the owl cabin is designed by Candice Petrillo in Bordeaux, France. (All Photos: ZEBRA3©)

Tourists visiting Bordeaux can enjoy one free night in an ingenious dwelling and experience the French port city from a unique viewpoint.

Bruit du frigo, an art and architecture studio based in the city initiated the concept Refuges Périurbains (peri-urban shelters) to take visitors on a magical journey in a strange sanctuary where poetic sculpture meets organic architecture.

Each suburban shelter has no electricity or water and is designed by various artists.

“The goal is to offer a new experience of some hidden or forgotten natural spaces in the suburb of Bordeaux,” said Yvan Detraz from Bruit du frigo.

“We want people to discover the richness and diversity of the contemporary areas of the city, beyond the historical and tourist old town,” she went on to explain. The project is also intended to promote hiking.


The natural spaces chosen to build these unique cabins are what set this project apart from any other. “The particularity of each spot is that they are mixed with urban environment,” Yvan said.

Like the “Guetteurs” (Watchers) also known as the owl cabin, a stunning masterpiece designed by Candice Petrillo from Zebra3, which is a contemporary art studio. It is situated near the river Garonne and one of Bordeaux’s biggest malls.

“Fully immersed in nature, from the owls you can access directly over a 12m long dock to the Garonne, while the shopping centre is just behind the reeds,” said Candice.

The interior of the cabin is made with special pinewood that grows in the region. “Sitting back to back, the three birds form a shelter in which six persons can sleep on different levels while observing the quite unusual surroundings,” the designer explained.

It is also equipped with three round beds and a spacious living area. The cabins have become so popular that they are booked months in advance.

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