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The soap you use may be ruining your sex life slowly

The soap you use may be ruining your sex life slowly
It can affect your sex drive and also cause erectile issues (Photo: YouTube)

Having a better sex life is not all about finding the right exercise routine, diet and lifestyle that can boost performance in bed, but staying away from anything that may have adverse effects on your sex life is also very important.

While factors like an unhealthy diet and stress are known to take a toll on performance in bed, there’s one component that has been slowly ruining your sex life day by day, without you even knowing about it. New revelations suggest that this chemical is present in your soap.

Although the chemical triclosan is an effective way of keeping your body free from bacteria and is used in soaps, deodorants and body wash, it could sabotage hormones linked with sex and thyroid along with other physical activities. It causes muscle weakness and hinders muscular activity, which can create erectile issues and kill your desire by causing fatigue.

But there’s good news since the FDA in US has decided to ban the use of this chemical in soaps and other products, and even as this ban will come in effect by September 2017, many major manufacturers are already scratching triclosan from list of components used in soap and body-care products.