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The world’s smallest washing machine can fit in your pocket

The world’s smallest washing machine can fit in your pocket
 You can clean much more than just clothes.

If you are a bachelor or a frequent traveller, then there’s one thing that you are very particular about but don’t want to do it on your own — washing clothes. Washing with hands takes a considerable amount of efforts and laundromats aren’t available everywhere. It seems that some bright but lazy mind pondered over this issue and has come up with a device that can actually solve the idea of washing clothes. Meet Sonic Soak —the world’s smallest washing machine that you can carry around in your pocket.

Don’t take this to be some kind of a conventional folding mini washing machine. This small device may look like a mobile phone charger but uses clever science to kick away dirt from clothes. Sonic Soak generates modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through the water to disintegrate dirt and bacteria at the microscopic level. The ultrasonic waves create high-pressure bubbles in water that push away dirt and other unwanted nanoparticles sticking to the cloth’s surface.

All the user would need to do is place the cloth or any other item that you want to clean in a bowl of water (yes, you can clean much more than just clothes). Then plug the Sonic Soak to a wall socket, set the timer and it will do its ultrasonic magic, after which a simple rinse and drying would give you clean clothes. If you fancy one for yourself, then you can head over to indiegogo and bid an amount you think it should cost. The company will ship it to you within 2 months of reaching their goals.